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Computer Network Consulting - LAN, WAN & VPN

Hardwired & Wireless (WI-FI) Networking


Law firm computer networks designed, installed and maintained. Secure law firm computer networks, robust in-house and hosted email solutions, off site data backup systems. Wired and Wireless networking.

The amount of technological information now doubles every two years. Because of this, average computer technicians have a very hard time keeping up with the latest changes and too often fall behind on their education. Thus they may not always be aware of the newest technology and latest methods for keeping your law firm's computer network efficient and cost effective. Our computer network engineers and technicians stay on top of their game by their continuing technological education classes, which ensures that you will get the the best performance from your firm's computer network, For you body's health, it is best to engage a Board Certified Physician. Likewise for the health of your law office's computer network it is best to hire computer consultants with the proper certifications and stay up-to-date with continuing technology education. Our engineers and technicians hold all the technological certifications required to build and maintain a fast, reliable and secure computer network for your law firm.

COMPUTER NETWORK Engineers' and Technicians' Certifications:

Lead Technological Security Expert: Larry Hughes

Computer Networks supported:

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